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THE FACEOFF: 2014 Year-End Recap

It's the season finale of THE FACEOFF. Don't spoil it to your friends in case they have it on their DVR or are waiting for it to hit Netflix.

Rob Carr

Duke won the 2014 NCAA Tournament a week ago. That also means, thanks to the fact that you're reading this and not dead, you've survived the first week of the offseason! To reward you with this accomplishment, we've got a present for you: The final edition of THE FACEOFF for 2014!

It's was quite a crazy season once you look past the "Yeah, well we had Duke as the preseason number one!" thing. The polls were bi-polar as teams went about 30 different ways from week to week. To highlight all that madness we give you a graph that maps all that movement from the media poll. We also highlight who ended up on top of the leaderboards, which to the surprise of no one has a lot of Thompsons on it. So let's get right down to it with the season finale of THE FACEOFF:


(Click to enlarge.)

And let's give you a larger view of that graph just for fun:


(Click to make larger/make your head explode.)

That just about does it for season two of THE FACEOFF. A great deal of thanks go out to all the readers who love making this their weekly ritual of lacrosse infographical fun. We hope you've enjoyed THE FACEOFF this year and make the most of your offseason! Oh, and don't worry, I'll still be making nonsensical Restraining Area posts all through the offseason.