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NCAA Lacrosse Tournament: Sunday Quarterfinals Open Thread

Indianapolis, ahoy!

Jonathan Daniel

This is it. As of this evening, the entire field for the 2013 Final Four will be set. Cornell -- after unleashing 60 minutes of terror on Ohio State yesterday -- and Syracuse -- which summoned its historic magic to somehow topple Yale -- are already making plans to visit the Liberty Bell, but the rest of the field remains unsettled. All of the teams throwing hands today are capable of winning the national championship, but only two will earn a trip to Lincoln Financial Field.

If you've missed anything this week, checking out College Crosse's NCAA Tournament hub (it's the bridge between the past, the future, and your inner demons) is the best way to bend time. If that's too much to handle, these are your necessaries:

Otherwise, here are your highlights for today:

  • (5) North Carolina v. (4) Denver: People say that dodgeball is bad for the self esteem of children. "Pickin' on the fat kids" is a poor way to develop youth and intensifies social differences between young people. Which leads to an important point: Where the hell are the social scientists now, crusading for the emotional core of the defenses of North Carolina and Denver? These two units are faced with the task of trying to stop two offenses that tear holes in the space-time continuum, shattering souls and making even the most capable defense cower in fear and run -- sobbing -- back to their special places of quiet seclusion. First team to achieve time travel due to overscoring wins.
  • (7) Duke v. (2) Notre Dame: Notre Dame is looking to get its head straight before a potential run at the national championship; Duke is looking to attend its seventh Championship Weekend in a row. It's offensively-driven lacrosse facing off against defensively-driven lacrosse, a spectrum clash that has at its heart differences in approach and volition. Styles make fights, and this one scores exceptionally in that area.

May 19, 2013: National Quarterfinals
North Carolina Denver 12:00 LIVE STATS VIDEO ESPNU

This is your open thread for Sunday's quarterfinal games. I can't remember the last time that I had a milkshake. People will be around to yak about whatever is tickling their fancy.

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