NCAA Lacrosse Tournament Quarterfinals Drink Pairings

Your weekend in drink is here. Don't be the guy who has to wait till the liquor stores open on Saturday morning to get your weekend drinks. I have given you plenty of warning. Buy your booze early. And as always, enjoy it.

12:30PM: Ohio State vs Cornell
Russian River Pliny the Elder

It has been a long week. This site went down. You just wanted to watch lacrosse and there really wasn’t much online. So you ended up watching scouting films from the late 1990’s of Syracuse. You are ready for this day. People know that you are not to be bothered. Not to be asked to perform boring projects outside. And you only have 4 games to drink, so you want to make the most of it. No Bud Light for you. So what goes perfectly with this game? Russian River’s Pliny the Elder. Cornell frontman Rob Pannell would love that you consider him an Elder. This beer is a double IPA, which means it is twice as good as a normal IPA. So drink it down my friend. The weekend has just started.

3:00PM: Syracuse vs Yale
Pappy Van Winkle 20 Year Bourbon

This game is a sipping type of game. You are going to be saying wise things. Like, "I like that they are using two long poles on the face-off wing after last weeks terrible face-off performance." Or, "I can’t believe Yale has so many stall warnings. It must be that they don’t think they can stop the Syracuse offense." You sound so smart. Look at you. With your socks and sandals. You need a drink that will make you look even smarter. Pappy Van Winkle’s 20 year Bourbon is the ticket. This stuff is perfectly balanced on the tongue and while sipping it and pointing at the screen you will sound immensely smarter.

Sunday’s Games

12:00PM: Denver vs North Carolina
Grandma's Apple Pie
(4 Parts Bourbon, 8 Parts Apple Juice, 1 Part Cinnamon, Dash of Vanilla Extract)

It is early still for a Sunday and you don’t have any Mother’s Day events to get in the way of watching the games this week. And lucky for you. This game is going to be dynamite. Put your dog outside too. You don’t have time to get up and let him out. You seriously can’t miss a minute of this one. You might miss 3-4 goals. My hope is that both teams get a 3 minute non-releasable stick penalty and that the EMO units score 10 goals in those three minutes. That might put the score at 30-28 as a final. Please say it happens. My heart would be forever grateful. Oh, and your drink. You need something that you can make beforehand and not think about during this game. DO NOT GET UP!!! So for your drinking pleasure, you get to have grandma’s apple pie. Make a pitcher of it. Get a bowl of ice. Sit in front of the tv.

2:30PM: Notre Dame vs Duke
Tom Collins (made with Bombay Saphire)

Can Notre Dame overcome its late season scoring slump? Can Duke play defense? Who cares! You still have 2 hours of lacrosse drinking left. Which is the best kind of drinking, besides maybe porch drinking with a pretty lady. That is great drinking. So you need to savor this moment. What will pair well with hoping the ball stays on the Duke O the whole time so you can see greatness (because the other side of the field will be considerably less great)(and with Fowler’s dominance, I imagine it will be there a lot more than not, Yay!)? Tom Collins. That sounds like a name that would play on one of these teams. Plus it is refreshing and delightful. And you can make it as sweet as you need it to be. My girlfriend requested that there be some drinks that she would prefer in this week's edition. And this is that drink. It is good for everyone. You hear that. Everyone!

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