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NCAA Lacrosse Tournament: THE FACEOFF -- Quarterfinals Edition

You need information. You like pictures because reading is hard. This is your jam.

Mitchell Layton

Last weekend was some kind of wonderful, right? Duke and Loyola smashed each other in the face, Detroit almost stabbed Notre Dame in the heart with a rusty knife, Bryant made around 3,000 sociopathic Syracuse fans even more mind-bendingly bonkers after jumping out to an early lead, Denver and Albany scored all the goals at Peter Barton, and Yale and Penn State played a 60 minute game wherein each team only seemed to hit the speed burst button for 30 minutes. It was a great two days of college lacrosse; everything, hopefully, will go plaid again this coming weekend in Indianapolis and College Park.

THE FACEOFF returns with an easily digestible infographic on this weekend's games. There are historic championship notes, the broadcast schedule over Saturday and Sunday, and much more. Get some:


(Click to make larger than Rob Pannell's point total against Maryland.)