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NCAA Lacrosse Tournament: Saturday Quarterfinals Open Thread

Byrd Stadium is today's beautiful snowflake.

Rob Carr

Tell 'em, J. Geils:

If you've missed anything this week, checking out College Crosse's NCAA Tournament hub (it's a window into your soul) is the best way to achieve total consciousness. If that's too much to handle, these are your necessaries:

Otherwise, here are your highlights for today:

  • Cornell v. (3) Ohio State: Logan Schuss and Rob Pannell are going to do things. Big things. I'm not saying that these things will change the course of human existence, but science hasn't definitively proved that they won't. So it's a possibility and you should plan accordingly: Take out your emergency "Logan Schuss and Rob Pannell Are Going to Do Things Kit" and ready your loved ones for a great change in the volition of humanity. The time is nigh.
  • Yale v. (1) Syracuse: There's something incongruent about Yale -- the university that claims five United States Presidents, 19 United States Supreme Court Justices, 49 Nobel Laureates, and film critic Gene Siskel as alumni -- serving as an underdog in any human pursuit. It's freakin' Yale, the school that's too good for you because you're a good for nothin' meathead. Yet, the Bulldogs are the scrappy concern facing the elite establishment this afternoon -- Syracuse, chasing its 26th trip to Championship Weekend and 12th national championship. It's the more competitively balanced game of the day, and a Bulldogs' victory -- sending Yale to only its second Final Four (its first came in 1990) -- would make New Haven the epicenter for non-revenue sporting excellence this spring (the Elis took home the men's hockey national title this year).

May 18, 2013: National Quarterfinals
Cornell Ohio State 12:30 LIVE STATS VIDEO ESPN2
Yale Syracuse 3:00 LIVE STATS VIDEO ESPN2

This is your open thread for Saturday's quarterfinal games. Enter the special code below for a lifetime supply of small pebbles. People will be around to yak about whatever is tickling their fancy.

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