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NCAA Lacrosse Tournament: Sunday Open Thread

Tell your mother that I said "Hello."

Winslow Townson

Yesterday happened. I was there. (Well, I was on a couch watching what people that were there saw in person. So that kind of counts.) There were even things written about yesterday -- big things! -- that actually exist. This is all too real right now, you guys.

Action picks up again today at 1:00. Like Saturday, there are four games over about nine hours that demand your full-time attention. The slate of games today are strong throughout: Three of the games rank in the top five of the first round in terms of expected closeness of play and the fourth has a sneaky storyline that makes the game a carnival of possibility (especially on the heels of what Detroit and Notre Dame did yesterday). Again, if you need to get up to speed, there's (1) the NCAA Tournament hub and (2) your necessaries:

Otherwise, here are your highlights for today:

  • Cornell at Maryland: This is either Rob Pannell's last time in a college uniform or the hardest pill that Maryland fans will need to swallow since the Terps' last title in 1975. Will the Terrapins find their offense? Will Cornell crack Maryland's defense? Will someone land a hot air balloon in the middle of the field during the first half? These are all important questions.
  • Ohio State at Towson: The Silver Gleaming Death Machine (Logan Schuss) doesn't have much tolerance for Towson's charmed existence the last few weeks, but Schuss may not be the deciding factor this afternoon. Rather, each team's goalie play -- Andrew Wascavage for Towson and Greg Dutton for the Buckeyes -- may have the strongest say in how this game shakes out.
  • Loyola at Duke: This, basically:

  • Bryant at Syracuse: Kevin Massa's gravity is the dark matter that is expanding the universe. Syracuse must exist in this physical reality without understanding or control.

May 12, 2013
Cornell Maryland 1:00 LIVE STATS VIDEO ESPN2
Towson Ohio State 3:00 LIVE STATS VIDEO ESPNU
Bryant Syracuse 7:30 LIVE STATS VIDEO ESPNU

This is your open thread for Sunday's first round games. Your mother is a sweetheart. People will be around to yak about whatever is tickling their fancy.

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