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THE FACEOFF: 2013 NCAA Lacrosse Tournament Round One

THE FACEOFF is in postseason form to get you all ready for the first round of this season's NCAA Tournament.


It's NCAA Tournament time, people! The most wonderful three weeks of the year are upon us as sixteen teams vie for a trip to Philadelphia for the chance to lift the trophy on Memorial Day. This season was a wacky one, which means that this year's field is packed ridiculously close together. Anything can and will happen these next few weeks, and what better place to start than the first round: It's wall-to-wall lacrosse all weekend long on ESPN2 and ESPNU, so unless you have a graduation to go to (check) or have an NBA or NHL team in the playoffs to check the score of (check and check), you have nothing else to do but sit in front of a TV or computer and watch the best sport out there.

THE FACEOFF will usher you through the NCAA Tournament, giving you round-by-round infographics with stats and figures. Today features a breakdown of the dynamics of this year's field as well as a history lesson on The Big Barbeque. Let's do this:


(Click to make it larger than the number of flight miles Albany's racking up this weekend.)

Of course, College Crosse is your home for all things NCAA Tournament with analysis and discussion. We can't wait to see you all this weekend and the rest of the month of May to talk about the most wonderful time of the year!