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Seven Stories and One Set of Beats: June 6, 2012

This is obviously your favorite site, but other people actually write important stuff sometimes. Now is that sometimes.

Way-too-early 2013 lacrosse top 25: Nos. 6-10
Looking at the projected second five based on the information on hand today.

Creating CJ Costabile
Memorial Day of 2010 was the last time I attended the NCAA Men’s Final Four of Lacrosse in Baltimore, MD. Duke University won the title beating Notre Dame in overtime by a score of 6-5. A full year and a number of months after the event, I got a call from a Duke parent regarding a custom order for his son’s 2012 graduation present. The individual involved was Duke University’s long-pole/face-off man that scored the winning goal in overtime against Notre Dame back in 2010 – CJ Costabile.

Chris Elsberry: Fairfield's Runkel, Loyola no longer an afterthought
They have always been looked at as the afterthought program.

Syracuse All American Ric Beardsley Recalls "That Field"
That field was narrow and I think illegal to be honest because it was so narrow.

Notre Dame Lacrosse 2012 Highlight Video
The gang at Fighting Irish Digital Media produced a highlight video of the 2012 season that Notre Dame fans will want to watch. You'll see former NBA head basketball coach Jeff Van Gundy talking to the team before the NCAA Championships.

Lofty Loyola Lacrosse
Three weeks ago I gave my annual overview of the NCAA men’s lacrosse tournament, providing my usual narrative about traditional lacrosse powers and schools on the rise. Alas, I missed the real story, Loyola.

Gene Frenette: JU stuggles to cope with death of lacrosse player
After Cameron Mann hung up the phone with Jacksonville University lacrosse teammate Corey Lovrich around midnight Wednesday, he suspected Lovrich had about a week or two left. Doctors were going to try a different chemotherapy on Friday. The conversation ended with Mann telling him he'd "call tomorrow."

Today's beats: Rihanna! Wait, strike that. That's a lie. Rihanna needs to put her head in a concrete bucket. Let's go with Cold War Kids: