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Wednesday? It's Only Wednesday?: College Lacrosse Schedule for March 7, 2012

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Wednesday is the dumbest day of the week. It takes remedial calendar day classes because it lags so far behind the other days of the week. Every other day of the week has some heat except Wednesday:

  • Sunday: Quiet time to get some reading done and work on that homemade spaceship in the garage you've been meaning to give some tender loving care.
  • Monday: Back to work to assualt you co-workers with droll tales about the homemade spaceship you're working on in your garage.
  • Tuesday: Trivia night! Time to whip out those clever names: "Strike Force Sexy"; "10-Man Ride Adult Films, Inc."; etc.
  • Thursday: I am told that, on occasion, it is "thirsty."
  • Friday: Date Night! (Or, if you're like me, How Many Wings Can You Eat in One Sitting Night!)
  • Saturday: Lacrosse games all day; dancing the night away all night.

And Wednesday is just gruel in a week full of sumptious feasts. Until tonight, at least. There's three games on the schedule this afternoon and evening, each with a sense of curiosity:

  • Hartford at Brown: Can the Hawks get their first win of the season? Reverse Survivor waits on pins and needles.
  • Fairfield at Quinnipiac: It's an intrastate battle royale! (Or not.) Fairfield looks to stay unbeaten on the year and should be able to get another number in the win column in Hamden this afternoon.
  • Loyola at Michigan: Michigan got its first victory this weekend against Mercer; getting its second against Loyola -- an unbeaten Loyola, for that matter -- doesn't look good, but Oosterbaan Field House should be rocking and anything could happen. After last night's slew of upsets, putting this game in the "Duh, definitely decided!" bin is probably prognostically silly.

MARCH 7, 2012
Brown Hartford 3:00 N/A N/A
Quinnipiac Fairfield 3:00 N/A N/A
Michigan Loyola 7:00 N/A N/A

Leave your comments about the game or anything else (QUERY: In Division I, does Michigan's field win at most vowels in its name?) in the comments below.