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College Lacrosse Weekend Internet Talking Interface: March 4, 2012

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That's a picture of an angry penguin. It's angry because the photographer kicked his best penguin friend in the ice hole.

It's a short slate today, highlighted with a monster and a curiosity:

  • Michigan at Mercer: This is arguably the last best chance for Michigan to get a win on the season. It's "Slappers Only!" down in Macon, Georgia Jacksonville, Florida.
  • Syracuse at Virginia: There really isn't much more to say. ESPN has the broadcast today from Klockner Stadium.

Here's the full slate of games for today:

MARCH 4, 2012
Mercer Michigan 12:00 N/A N/A
Jacksonville Holy Cross 3:30 N/A N/A
Virginia Syracuse 4:30 N/A N/A

This is your open thread for Sunday. Don't hate the player; hate the player's parents because they were lazy and selfish. People should be around to yak about whatever is tickling their fancy.

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