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Reverse Survivor Update: Three Teams Remain

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Entering last week, there were six teams that were without a win in college lacrosse: Albany, Mercer, Quinnipiac, Vermont, VMI, and Wagner. Entering this week, we're down to three.

VMI was the first of the group to move from the ranks of the summarily beaten with its 12-11 overtime win against Wagner. The win was the first for the Keydets in just about 366 days, which, in a perfect world, is longer than the cast of Jersey Shore would be relevant. VMI's victory was kind of like Roger Bannister running the mile in under four minutes: Once the Keydets broke through, everyone decided that winning was super fun and started following suit.

Mercer, attempting to capitalize on the "Play Wagner, Beat Wagner" philosophy, saw the Keydets' one-goal victory and topped it with 14-11 triumph against the Seahawks. The win not only marked the first for the Bears in 2012, but also the first ever over a Division I team for the nascent program. This is exciting stuff, people.

Then, on Saturday, the Catamounts pulled itself up the social lacrosse ladder with a stunning 12-11 defeat of Sacred Heart at home in Hippietown, Vermont. Connor McNamara got first dibs at the post-game pizza party due to his game winner with just 10 ticks left on the clock in regulation. Vermont head coach Ryan Curtis was not carried down the streets of Burlington on the shoulders of exuberant fans following the victory, which is disappointing and deserves a "Shame on you!"

As a result of all this winning, we're left with only three contenders for Reverse Survivor 2012: Albany (0-6); Quinnipiac (0-6); and Wagner (0-7). It's a motley crew, for sure, and there aren't a lot of opportunities left for any of these three to face a similarly struggling team.

Next Opponent: Bucknell (4-3)
Chance of Victory: -11,000,000,000 percent. The Bison have struggled this season, but Todd Heritage and Billy Eisenreich pose the following problems for the winless Great Danes: (1) They are very good at the game of lacrosse; and (2) See (1) and repeat.
Next Reasonable Opportunity for Victory: Binghamton (2-4) on March 31, 2012.

Next Opponent: Binghamton (2-4)
Chance of Victory: The Bobcats are all sorts of bad but, luckily, the Bearcats are all sorts of not-particularly-good. Quinnipiac will get Binghamton at home -- which should be an advantage but, of course, winless can happen everywhere -- and getting this one isn't the kind of ridiculous that gets your a brand new straitjacket.
Next Reasonable Opportunity for Victory: Binghamton on March 24, 2012. If Quinnipiac doesn't get it on Saturday, Wagner (0-7) on April 7, 2012.

Next Opponent: Hartford (2-5)
Chance of Victory: Next question, please.
Next Reasonable Opportunity for Victory: Even with a generous eye, there are a lot of bad beats left on the schedule for the Seahawks. I guess the next earliest game that Wagner might get as its first win in almost 700 days is maybe Mahattan (3-4) on April 3, 2012. The Jaspers are playing somewhat better as of late, though, so the next best bet for a win may be against Quinnipiac (0-6) in Hamden, Connecticut, on April 7, 2012. That game is looking more and more like the Reverse Survivor Bowl.