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College Lacrosse Weekend Internet Talking Interface: February 19, 2012

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That's a picture of an angry panda bear. He's angry because the grizzly bear got all the ink yesterday. A jealous panda bear is one of the most dangerous creatures in the wild. I read it in National Georgraphic or something.

Sunday is highlighted by the Moe's Southwest Grill Classic -- I have no idea what that is; maybe it serves food for bears? IT'S MADE OF PEOPLE! -- at EverBank Field. NBC Sports Network has the television broadcast, so if you have that channel on your talkie then you can watch the games. Otherwise:

  • Albany at Syracuse: The questions have moved from which league Syracuse is going to play in for 2013 to whether it can figure out who's running a midfield in 2012. While this isn't the opening game challenge that Virginia usually poses for the Orange, it should be a good test for the sunrise of Syracuse's season.
  • Denver with Ohio State: The second stanza down at EverBank should be a pretty good one. It's a conference clash and, most importantly, provides the world with a little more Mark Matthews, which is always delightful.

FEBRUARY 19, 2012
Air Force Rutgers 11:00 N/A N/A
Denver Ohio State 2:00 N/A N/A
Albany Syracuse 2:00 N/A N/A
Navy Jacksonville 4:00 N/A N/A
Siena Hobart 5:00 N/A N/A

This is your open thread for Sunday. I'm going to be off the map today, watching Denver-Ohio State and Albany-Syracuse on delay. However, people should be around to yak about whatever is tickling their fancy. Be a leader out there, people, and comment until your fingers bleed. It's what your grand-pappy would want you to do.

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