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College Crosse's Best of December

10 stories or things that shouldn't be set ablaze.


December -- and 2012 -- are just about in the books and that means only one thing: We're one month closer to discovering the secret to the universe is Cocoa Puffs and that we've discovered them on Venus and Mars as the basis to potential life on those planets. So, that's a good thing.

Other than that, it's time to recap 10 of the bigger and better stories that graced this fine Internet real estate over the last 31 days. Let's get it.

Christmastime is Here
The spirit of the season is contagious, not unlike a terrible disease that will wipe out an entire slice of existence (but doing so while carolling in an ugly disease sweater). College lacrosse is not immune to that feeling, filling itself with wassail until things went horribly awry.

Realignment is Pageviews Protein
At the end of this year the story of 2012 -- outside of Loyola winning its first national championship -- is how the face of college lacrosse will be significantly changed due to the impact of conference realignment across the country. This stuff doesn't seem to want to end, which is great news for my site traffic but terrible news for anything that has tangible value to the human experience.

Stuff that was stuff that you can't stuff any place else.