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Former Orange goalie John Galloway gives his thoughts on the new ACC

'Cuse is moving to the A.C.C.
'Cuse is moving to the A.C.C.

Just caught up with current Rochester Rattler's goalie John Galloway and asked him for his thoughts and opinion on Syracuse moving from the Big East to the A.C.C.

"I think the move to the ACC is huge not only for Syracuse lacrosse, but the sport as a whole. I don't think there is any good reason for ACC schools not in Division I lacrosse to ignore such an amazing opportunity."

Galloway then spoke about how good this conference can and will be and how exciting regular season games will be to watch and participate in.

"This conference is going to be better than the SEC of football. Every matchup is final four caliber and will benefit all parties involved."

The two-time National Champion and two-time first team All-American says he does wish he could have had a chance to play in the A.C.C. Galloway talked about how fun it is to play in games like SU vs Duke, Virginia and Maryland and how he remembers watching the Orange play the Tar Heels back in the 90's and what those games meant to the entire sport.

"I do wish we could have done this when I was in college. The UNC vs SU matchup used to be a marquee match up in the early 90's. SU and Duke always have good games because of their similar style of play, and Maryland vs SU is always a great game. I love the Maryland guys and I think it would be a match up of players that have the same attitude and passion for the game. The Terps, Heels and Blue Devils would look good in the Dome."

More coverage and thoughts to come as the day goes on...