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More thoughts on ACC expansion: Former UNC defenseman Ryan Flanagan

Flanagan shares his thoughts on new ACC
Flanagan shares his thoughts on new ACC

From all that I have heard from former players and current players of both Syracuse and all four ACC teams, they think this move is a good thing and something they are excited about.  We all know that these players rise to the occasion and watching a SU-UVa game is one of the most exciting games of the year.  Now imagining watching that caliber of a game week in and week out and have it count towards your conference.  Its going to be exciting.

I caught up with former Tar Heel defenseman Ryan Flanagan last night and asked him briefly about Syracuse joining the ACC for the sport of lacrosse. 

"I am excited for the conference and the sport. We now have 5 of the best teams in the country forced to play each other every year and what could be 3 times a year if they meet in the ACC Tournament and again in the NCAA Tournament."

Flanagan also gave his thoughts on a possible sixth team to the conference, a team some have thrown around but I believe will not happen.

 "I would love to see Hopkins join the conference, as well"

Flanagan, who is coaching and also raising money for the Fields of Growth foundation in Uganda, is one of those guys who never got to experience what it is like playing in a packed Carrier Dome on a Friday or Saturday night and says he wishes he could have had that chance.

"I always dreamed about heading up to the dome for a Friday night game in front of 15,000-20,000! I think that would be an unbelievable experience and would continue to grow the game and fan following. Of course the conference gets tougher but I would say that is working out well for SEC football. Because of how competitive the games will be I am sure it will mean more television coverage for the game, yet another positive."