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Some mid day thoughts on the ACC from two key Syracuse names

Spoke briefly with Syracause Orange assistant coach Lelan Rogers earlier this morning and he said he is "excited" by the news that the Orange will move to the A.C.C. conference.

"Good and bad.  Exciting though.  I like the pro's better than the con's."

-Syracuse Orange assistant coach Lelan Rogers when asked for his opinion on the Orange making the move to the A.C.C.

Also heard from former Orange John Lade who gave me some thoughts on the news his former team will make the jump.

"It definitely came as a surprise to me because Syracuse has helped the Big East to its current position today in division I athletics.  Syracuse is a very strong football, basketball and lacrosse school. Knowing this I think Syracuse will help strengthen an already powerful conference in three sports."  

I then asked Lade how he felt that he missed the boat on competing full time in former four-team conference.  

"I was happy with the Big East when I attended school.  My senior year we played  Duke, Maryland, and Virginia, so Syracuse coaches, players, and fans are already familiar with what the ACC does for lacrosse.  I feel it will strengthen Syracuse's schedule more and make Syracuse need to play at a higher level week and week out."