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ESPN's Quint Kessenich:"Unless you've been living under a rock, it wasn't surprising at all"

Kessenich wasn't surprised by Syracuse's move to the ACC
Kessenich wasn't surprised by Syracuse's move to the ACC

ESPN and Inside Lacrosse analyst Quint Kessenich gave me a minute of his time this morning and chimed in on his thoughts about Syracuse shaking up the lacrosse world.

According to Kessenich, this move will especially hurt teams like Notre Dame, Georgetown and Villanova, who will now most likely be taken of the Orange's schedule in the future.

"SU's [Syracuse] move also could be a big blow for Georgetown, Notre Dame and 'Nova [Villanova] if the Orange drop them from their schedule."

Kessenich also believes this move will greatly shake up the women's game as well.

"Unless you've been living under a rock, it wasn't surprising at all. Further shifting and re-alignment is imminent. The impact will be greater for the expansion of women's lacrosse than for men's."

I proceeded to ask Kessenich how this will shake up the entire lacrosse world and what conference this hurts the most.

"Whats hurts the ACC now is that they have 5 teams, and need 6 for an AQ. Their conference redundancy tournament still has little meaning other than to strengthen SOS"

The man, who can be seen during college football season as a sideline reporter for ESPN, also gave some insight as to who he believes can make the jump to Division I and join the ACC to give them six teams and an automatic qualifier to the NCAA Tournament. That being said, we cannot forget that Title IX is still a major hurdle for many schools.

"Having recently visited Clemson, that school would be ideal for a Division I program. Wake Forest fits the mold. NC State with Athletic Director Debbie Yow would have to re-consider it also. But until football is taken out of the title nine equation, division growth is unlikely for BCS schools"

I finished up by asking Kessenich if he believes this will help or hurt Syracuse in the long run.

"I think its a slight positive for Syracuse. For recruits, their schedule becomes more attractive adding Maryland and UNC on a regular basis. I expect the Orange to keep Johns Hopkins on the docket and also play their New York state rivals Cornell, Albany and Army"