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Fire Up the 'Que: Lacrosse Schedule for April 29, 2011

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When's the last time that every game on the docket had significant NCAA ramifications?

(If you answer, "Last week in the ACC Tournament," I'm going to punch you until my arms fall clear out of their sockets.)

It's a mega night in the college lacrosse world.  The Patriot League is knocking heads down in Lewisburg with the best game of the eveing -- Colgate-Army -- starting the festivities at 5:00 P.M.  That'll be followed by a Bucknell de-pansting of Lehigh, likely to the full enjoyment of the local Bison crowd.

Amherst, Massachusetts, is hosting a doozy as well.  Delaware comes to town looking to stay in the picture for the one-seed in the THUNDERDOME! tournament.  If the Blue Hens lose, the conference comes down to Penn State-Hofstra on Saturday night in Hempstead.  If the Garber Gorillas are out in full force, don't expect Massachusetts to walk away without a fight.

Here's the break-out:

APRIL 29, 2011
Delaware Massachusetts 7:00 2.6837 3
Colgate Army 5:00 5.0156 1
Lehigh Bucknell 7:45ish 3.8569 2

Leave your comments about the games or anything else (QUERY: If Delaware and Massachusetts play a lacrosse game, does the winner claim territorial rights to the loser's state capital?) in the comments below.