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Lacrosse Fun Factors: April 30 and May 1, 2011

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There's only two weekends until Selection Sunday, you guys!  That's sweeter than sugar, although it probably won't give you diabetes like sugar, which is good. 

(I think.  I'm not a scientist or medical doctor or anything.)

The Patriot League Tournament taking place in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania, is the big circus event of the weekend.  Friday night features two semifinal matches -- Colgate-Army at 5:00 and Lehigh-Bucknell at 7:45ish -- with Sunday serving as "Here's a Trophy!" day.  The title game will feature face-off at 3:00 and CBS College Sports will televise all three games.

You probably can't get that network on your rabbit ears.

Before we run down the funnest of the fun, let's give an appreciative nod to the following games that just missed the cut:

  • Harvard-Yale: 4.4382 (7th).  Old, rich people tell me that this is the biggest game of the year.  I'm a little skeptical, mostly because old, rich people smell like liniment and still drive Cadillacs. How can you trust someone that drives a vehicle with starboard and port sides?  Nonsense. 
  • Penn State-Hofstra: 4.4577 (6th).  I'm actually going to be in Hempstead for this thing.  The THUNDERDOME! one-seed is on the line (depending on what Delaware does against Massachusetts on Friday).  Can Jeff Tambroni lead the Nittany Lions to the CAA promised land in his first season in Happy Valley?  (Probably not.  Hofstra is stupid hot right now.)
  • St. John's-Drexel: 4.0439 (10th).  Sneaky, sneaky upset potential here.  Drexel is already eliminated from participating in the THUNDERDOME! tournament and a loss to a competitive Johnnies team would really end the Dragons' season on a sour note.
  • Johns Hopkins-Loyola: 4.1517 (9th).  I'm not a huge supporter of Loyola's tournament hopes (whatever), but a win against the Blue Jays would immediately catapult them into the conversation for an invitation to the tournament. With the ECAC Tournament looming, the 'Hounds have the opportunity to really help themselves out. On the flip side, Hopkins can assure themselves a top-four seed with another solid victory.

Let's rank 'em for the weekend:


1. April 30 3:00 Virginia Pennsylvania 5.3945
2. April 30 7:00 Syracuse Notre Dame 5.2167
3. April 30 1:00 Jacksonville Duke 5.1349
4. April 30 12:30 Cornell Princeton 5.0399
5. April 30 1:00 Denver Fairfield 4.8856
24. April 30 7:00 Manhattan Canisius 0.7612

What's your feeling on the games this weekend?  Looking forward to anything else?  Leave 'em in the comments below.