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Lacrosse "Fun Factors": March 26-27

You're damn right, kid. Welcome to Hoorayville. via <a href=""></a>
You're damn right, kid. Welcome to Hoorayville. via

You're a man (or woman) of sophisticated taste.  You drive only the finest of cars (in your price range), you eat at only the swankiest of restaurants (within reason; Indian food tastes like it smells -- like hot garbage), you only wear polos with the poppiest of collars.

So why would you spend your precious time watching a lacrosse game that's boring?

Once again, it's a tremendous advantage to you that I exist. Through the miracle of math (Yes!  Go math!), I've developed a fancy little method to help you pick out the most exciting games on the schedule.  I call it the "Fun Factor," and it rates games based on the potential for how they'll play out.

Now, some disclosure: The "Fun Factor" is tinted with my personal tastes.  The formula underlying the "Fun Factor" is based heavily on competitiveness, with a weighting for games that are expected to be higher scoring, at a quicker pace, and feature good teams with great shooters.  So, don't expect a bunch of slap fights between miserable teams to appear herein (I'm looking at you, Bellarmine-Presbyterian).

The top five games for the weekend are (I've also include the worst-rated game as a warning of EXTREME UNFUN!):

1 March 26 1:00 Georgetown Duke 7.23
2 March 26 2:00 Virginia Johns Hopkins 7.19
3 March 26 1:00 Drexel Hofstra 5.96
4 March 26 7:00 Syracuse Villanova 5.58
5 March 26 1:00 Yale Princeton 5.56
28 March 26 Never? Manhattan VMI 0.35

North Carolina-Maryland and Pennsylvania-Cornell just missed the cut.  Sorry, chaps.