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Conference Realignment

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Conference Realignment: Johns Hopkins is a Player

I have to say: I'm not sure what's more believable -- Hopkins to a new Big Ten lacrosse league or Hopkins to *any* league.

The Hopkins-to-the-Big-Ten Rumor is Steaming

I have to say: I'm not sure what's more believable -- Hopkins to a new Big Ten lacrosse league or the story of Manti Te'o and his dead nonexistent girlfriend.

Realignment: More Time for the NEC and Big East?

The two leagues may be able to stave off immediate death.

Realignment: Will Big East Lacrosse Die in 2014? is reporting that the Catholic schools are looking to have their own thing in place by July 1, 2014.

A Conflict Between Growth and Decreased Revenue?

I've written a lot about what conference realignment may mean to programs that may be considering pursuing Division I lacrosse, but what about the "other" possible consequence?

Conference Realignment: Who's Winning Now?

Answer: Nobody.

MAAC Raids NEC for Quinnipiac and Monmouth

What, the MAAC doesn't want to play with Wagner yet? Tragic.

Realignment: The Big East is Headed for Mouseville

The league is walking the Green Mile.

Conference Realignment: The Big East is a Big Mess

Marquette, St. John's, Georgetown, Providence, and Villanova are facing an unclear lacrosse future.

Rutgers' Lawsuit Expedites League's Survival Plan

It's not the claim for relief for fees that's important for lacrosse purposes, it's the claim on waiving the waiting period to depart the conference.

Duke President: "[Maryland is] Dead to Me"


"That's Where We're Going Next, Quint"

An transcript of Quint Kessenich's interview with Ohio State's head football coach, Urban Meyer.

More Crap is Falling From the Sky

I want my blankie.

A Five Team Big Ten: Good Enough?

I still don't think that it makes sense for Ohio State, Penn State, and Michigan to leave auto-bid conferences to form a non-qualifying Big Ten with fewer than six teams, but how would a Big Ten Conference look?

Will Big East Lacrosse Live?

Don't write the obituary yet.

Rutgers is Big Ten Bound and Lacrosse is Unclear

Benjamins don't come with a lacrosse to-do list, unfortunately.

Paul: Big Ten Lacrosse League Happens with Six

Finally, a little sanity.

Big Ten Lacrosse League in 2014-2015?

Is that enough time to start a Big Ten lacrosse league?

Conference Realignment: Maryland Dumps the ACC

"Big Gulps, huh? Welp. See ya later!"

Which Conference is in the Best Situation Now?

What does Microsoft Excel have to say about the newest iteration of conference realignment?

The Great Unknown of Big Ten Lacrosse

It's a crazy planet, people. Spinning in space is fun!

Conference Realignment: The Big East is Boned

The Big East has only sponsored men's lacrosse for three seasons, and it's not looking so hot that the league will reach a half-decade of competition.

Maryland's Potential Move Creates Odd ACC Issues

With the looming departure of four-time ACC Tournament champion Maryland, the ACC is staring at a different kind of reality.

Will Maryland and Rutgers Shake Up College Lax?


Boston College Has a New AD; Does Lax Fit In?

Our SB Nation partner, BC Interruption, is skeptical.

Notre Dame to ACC: When Will Then be Now?

Notre Dame may be looking to lock horns with the ACC for the 2014 lacrosse season.

Who's the Big Winner in Lacrosse Conference Realignment?

The ACC lacrosse conference is pulling in Syracuse and Notre Dame; the Patriot League is getting Loyola. Who are the big winners and losers?

Fun with Infographs: Just How Absurd is the New ACC with Notre Dame?

The ACC Lacrosse conference is going to be even more ridiculously good once Notre Dame comes in. How ridiculously good? Just check out this infograph.

Bonus Link Roundup: Notre Dame-to-ACC Edition

Bonus link roundup all about Notre Dame's move to the ACC.

Conference Realignment: Notre Dame Move Puts Big East's Future in Question

What is the Big East staring at now that Notre Dame is off to the ACC?

Notre Dame to Join ACC; League's Lacrosse Officially Beyond Bonkers

Notre Dame will be joining the ACC at some point, and that league's men's lacrosse offering just blew the top off of the meter.

Are Albany and Stony Brook the Next Programs to Change Leagues?

Are Stony Brook and Albany next on the move in lacrosse conference realignment?