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Bonus Link Roundup: Notre Dame-to-ACC Edition


It's the biggest story going right now. I pulled together some of the better pieces about Notre Dame's move to the ACC. You can thank me by gifting me a tank.

Notre Dame to the ACC: Pros, Cons
There are a host of details still being decided around Notre Dame's move to the ACC. There are also a host of ways to look at this news, and what it means for lacrosse. Here's some pros and cons that jump out upon first glance.

Notre Dame to Join ACC; Big Implications for Lacrosse
In a conference realignment move that significantly alters the college lacrosse scene, the Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) on Wednesday announced Notre Dame has accepted an invitation to join the conference in all sports except football.

Notre Dame to ACC, Big East dead?
Reports this morning indicate that Notre Dame will leave the Big East for the ACC in its non-football sports (and remain independent on the gridiron). With the departure of Syracuse – also to the ACC – that could cripple the Big East Lacrosse conference.

ACC Accepts Notre Dame: AQ, Here We Come!
Now that Syracuse AND Notre Dame are bolting the Big East for the ACC, an AQ, or Automatic Qualifier, bid will eventually pop up for the ACC in men’s lacrosse, and with Duke, UVA, UNC and Maryland already in the conference, the ACC will clearly be THE top dog when it comes to men’s lacrosse. Man, that is a super strong line up schools!

Notre Dame's Other Sports: What Do They Mean For The ACC, Part 1
This is an easy one. Notre Dame is a program that has risen to being a team that is competitive at the top every year. They knocked Virginia out of the NCAA Tournament in 2012 (I was there... not fun). In the last three seasons they have made it to the championship game (2010), the quarterfinals (2011) and the final four (2012). You have to assume that competing in the ACC will help them continue that rise. So they're definitely adding quality.

Coaches React to Notre Dame's Move to the ACC; Big East Statement
The news has particularly significant implications in men's lacrosse as the Fighting Irish have emerged as one of the game's strongest and most consistent programs, advancing to the Final Four in 2001 and 2012 and the NCAA title game in 2010.

ACC Powerhouses Could Hurt New Programs
Today it was announced that Notre Dame would be moving to the ACC in all sports but football, a move that affects the landscape of collegiate lacrosse. The conference now boasts six of the proudest lacrosse programs in the country, Duke, Maryland, North Carolina, Virginia, Syracuse, and Notre Dame. They now have six members instead of four and will receive an automatic qualifier (not that it was really needed for these programs). However, the addition could make other ACC schools that do not have a varsity program yet shy away from the idea.

Storify: Notre Dame to ACC Reactions
Notre Dame made waves in the lacrosse world Wednesday, moving to the ACC in all sports except football and men's ice hockey.

And here's Kevin Corrigan talking about what he'll be staring down at some point in the future: