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Conference Realignment: More Crap is Falling From the Sky

I want my blankie.

Eric Hartline-US PRESSWIRE

I'm on the road traveling this week -- I'm not sure if the Midwest is over-, under-, or exactly-rated, but that's where I'm eating fruit salads currently -- so writing about conference realignment and how it impacts lacrosse isn't exactly a top priority for me right now. That hasn't stopped college presidents and athletic directors from doing stuff, though, and that just proves how selfish these people are in that they refuse to bend their realities to my personal schedule. Jerks.

Anyway, to get everything up to speed very quickly:

  • Louisville is leaving the Big East for the ACC. This has ramifications on the ladies side of lacrosse, but for men's lacrosse it only raises one issue: Will this push the Cardinals to offer a men's varsity team to compete in the ACC against Duke, North Carolina, Syracuse, Notre Dame, and Virginia (or whatever teams will actually be in the ACC down the line)? I don't know. If I knew the answer to that, I wouldn't be in the Midwest right now; I'd be in Vegas making a killing on my prognostication abilities. As is the party line around these parts, Louisville should obviously pursue men's lacrosse because, duh, men's lacrosse is the cat's meow.
  • Denver shifted their alignment from the WAC to the Summit League (whatever that is). The Pioneers will still play lacrosse in the ECAC, keeping the league afloat with the future defection of Loyola to the Patriot League.
  • Tulane is joining the Big East as an all-sports member, but as the Green Wave do not currently sponsor men's or women's lacrosse -- it does, however, sponsor "Throwing Beads at Girls Because You're a Pervert," which is a weird sport -- this does not save the Big East lacrosse league as of yet. (Again, in case you've been spacing out: As things stand currently, the Big East will only have five lacrosse-playing members, one short of the mandatory six for an automatic invitation to the NCAA Tournament.) This obviously invokes the only platform that College Crosse ascribes to: Get a program going and join the fun, knuckleheads. The Big East also offered football-only membership to East Carolina this week, and that lacrosse situation is far too opaque to extrapolate whether the Pirates would get a program going to join the Big East lacrosse league as an associate member to keep the conference afloat.
  • Finally, this: Whatever.