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COLLEGE CROSSECAST Ep. 172: 2021 NCAA Women’s Lacrosse Final Four Preview with Dana Boyle

It’s time to get you all set for the weekend of fun and excitement in the women’s game and we’ve got Dana Boyle from ESPN and ACC Network to help us break it down!

NCAA Women’s Lacrosse Final - North Carolina v Maryland

It’s a stacked weekend up ahead in NCAA Women’s Lacrosse as North Carolina, Northwestern, Syracuse, and Boston College head to Towson, MD to settle on the field who will be the queens of the spring. The 2021 NCAA Women’s Lacrosse Final Four promises to be a spectacular showcase for the game, with four teams each having a great shot at the national title and a wide range of individual stars shining as well. So to help break it down, we’ve enlisted the help of a former UVA lacrosse star who’ll be calling the game from the sidelines this weekend: ESPNU and ACC Network’s Dana Boyle!

Dana joins Jake and I on this edition of College Crossecast as we talk about her busy season calling games for the worldwide leader (1:30). Then we talk about this weekend’s dominant storylines, which there’s plenty to go around (5:00). We then break down UNC-BC (13:45) and Cuse-Northwestern (25:00) in detail. Then Dana gives her picks (39:00) before we chat about weekend superlatives and potential legacies for the teams in the fray (46:30).

Listen to the show below or by clicking on this link. You can also follow College Crossecast on any of your favorite podcast or audio streaming platforms for this and all episodes!