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Here’s your NCAA Division I Men’s Lacrosse First Round Bingo card!

For the third straight year, we’re doing Bingo for the First Round games!

Tea with Terri at Cascata Golf Club Photo by Gabe Ginsberg/Getty Images for PGD Global

It started as something for fun in 2017. It returned last year. And it’s being done again.

The First Round Bingo card has returned for its third year. The OG lacrosse Bingo card involves every game this weekend, so it makes you watch all eight matchups.

Each team has at least one spot on the board, some more than others. There’s some squares involving members of the broadcast crew and other lacrosse stories that might be relevant this weekend.

As you watch all eight games on Saturday and Sunday, be sure to fill out your cards whenever you see or hear something that’s on this card! And finally, here is this year’s card!