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Here’s your NCAA Division I Men’s Lacrosse First Round Bingo card!

For a second straight year, we’re doing Bingo for the First Round games!

Tax Breaks For Bingo Announced In The Budget Photo by Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

Last year was a huge success. So we’re doing it again.

The First Round Bingo card has returned. And this year, we think it’s better than ever.

We carried over a few spots from last year’s card, including the free space of the Hopkins band playing. They only scored six times, but the band did play. Also new this year, each team has their own space. Some are better than others, but everyone is represented. We also had a possible “Rutgers/Bucknell/OSU got snubbed” spot, but just like Selection Sunday, you could say that was the first one out.

Thanks to those who suggested possible spots on Twitter, especially from our good pal Anish Shroff, who did one for ESPNU back in February for the Denver-Duke game.

As you watch all eight games on Saturday and Sunday, be sure to fill out your cards whenever you see or hear something that’s on this card! And here is this year’s card!