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COLLEGE CROSSECAST Ep. 94: Lax Emoji Special With Nicole Bohorad & Sarah Aschenbach

Ryan & Safe talk about the upcoming launch of the #LaxEmoji with two of the main individuals behind the effort, Nicole Bohorad & Sarah Aschenbach.  

We have a pretty great Crossecast this week, as Ryan, & I talk to two of the main individuals behind the upcoming launch of the #LaxEmoji, Digital Marketing Executive Nicole Bohorad and Tewaaraton Foundation Executive Director Sarah Aschenbach. Thanks to Nicole’s efforts, strong backing from Sarah at the Tewaaraton Foundation, and others in the lacrosse community, the lax emoji is set to launch in the next couple months. Nicole & Sarah were gracious enough to talk with us about how the process started and everything that went into getting the final proposal ready for Unicode.

We started off the show by getting to know a little about Sarah & Nicole, where they grew up, and their connection to the game (1:00). We then delved into how the lax emoji idea first started, all the work that went into preparing the final proposal, and the team involved in the process (17:00). We also had some Tewaaraton banter with Sarah towards the end of the show (40:25). Finally, we closed out the episode with some rapid fire questions for our guests (45:00)

If you’d like to learn more about the lax emoji while listening to the episode, you can read the final lax emoji proposal to Unicode here. Additionally, if you’re interested in launching your own emoji, you can learn about how to put together a proposal for Unicode here. Also, here’s a here’s a good article from about where some of your favorite emojis come from. Moreover, Time did an article on what it was like at the world’s first emoji convention, which you can read here.

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