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College Crosse Prospectus: Canada prepares for FIL World Lacrosse Championships

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2017 FIL Rathbones Women’s Lacrosse World Cup Photo by Michael Steele/Getty Images

GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD MORNING, College Crosse Nation! Thanks for making us a part of your day! Here’s everything you need to know for July 9, 2018.

What You Missed

One former Ohio Division III player is preparing to play for Mexico in the World Championships.

Lacrosse The Nation

Plenty of teams are flying out to Israel today. Canada had one final scrimmage before they went to Netanya.

Greece has unveiled their World Championship roster:

However, Palestinians are urging the Iroquois Nationals to withdraw from the World Championships. Most of them are flying out to Israel later today, so I guess that plead has failed.

As indigenous peoples, we have both seen our traditional lands colonized, our people ethnically cleansed and massacred by colonial settlers. This year marks 70 years of Israeli dispossession of Palestinians, which began with what we call the Nakba, or catastrophe. In the years surrounding Israel’s establishment on our homeland in 1948, pre and post-state Israeli forces premeditatively drove out the majority of the indigenous people of Palestine and destroyed more than 500 of our villages and towns.

For 70 years, Israel’s regime of occupation, settler-colonialism and apartheid has denied our refugees, who constitute about two thirds of the Palestinian people worldwide, their inherent and UN-stipulated right to return to their homes of origin and lands.

The two Israeli venues hosting the World Lacrosse Championships stand on the ruins of ethnically cleansed Palestinian villages.

The Wingate Institute was built on the lands of Khirbat al-Zababida, ethnically cleansed of its Palestinian inhabitants in 1948 as part of the attacks focused on clearing indigenous villages along the coast north of Tel Aviv. The ruins of the Palestinian village Bayyarat Hannun, which met the same fate, literally stand in the shadows of Netanya Stadium.

Congratulations to Ohio State Buckeyes Director of Operations Mark Bergey and his wife on the birth of their new child!

Philly Jawns

Businesses around Center City are suffering after a huge water main break last week.

World News

Eight of the 12 Thai boys have been rescued from a cave.

Video of the Day

The best moments of Jim from The Office.

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