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College Crosse takes a look inside NJIT’s men’s lacrosse program

Episode 28 of Across College Lacrosse takes a look at the NJIT Highlanders, a program that is on the rise.

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Episode 28 of Across College Lacrosse is here! On this special edition, I had the chance to sit down an interview NJIT Highlanders head coach Travis Johnson and assistant coach Alex Lopes to discuss the program after spending time talking to the staff and exploring their new Wellness and Events Center.

The Highlanders have come a long way as a university. It was a Division III school for so long before making moves to Divisions II and I respectively. The Wellness and Events Center opened up this past November, in time for the start of basketball season. NJIT’s soccer and lacrosse teams will play on campus once again in the 2018-19 season right outside the center.

The team was able to use the majority of the facilities beginning last season while playing and practicing last season. With a year under their belt inside their new home, the Highlanders now look to really kickstart their program with the current players as well as future Highlanders.

The podcast is below, followed by a gallery of the Wellness and Events Center.

Show Topics

  • Quick news segment (2:47)
  • NJIT interview (11:47)


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