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College Crosse Prospectus: High Stakes For Steak & Hot Dog Game

All the lacrosse news you can handle and plenty more!

2014 NCAA Division I Men's Lacrosse Championship - Semifinals Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD MORNING, College Crosse Nation!! Thanks for making us a part of your day! Here are your links for September 30, 2017.

What You Missed

Hobart released their 2018 schedule, which looks very similar to last year’s slate of games.

Ryan Brown explains how he scores from incredibly difficult angles.

Lacrosse The Nation

A big day for the Notre Dame Fighting Irish. The scrimmage of all scrimmages. Where the men are separated from the boys. Literally.

It’s the 19th annual Steak & Hot Dog Game at Arlotta Stadium. John Crawley will coach Team Blue, while Matt Karweck will coach Team Gold. Full roster is below:

Big questions here: How will Crawley, in his first ever Steak & Hot Dog Game, coach under this immense pressure? He’s got Ryder Garnsey and Mikey Wynne on the roster, along with Brendan Collins, Bryan Costabile, Hugh Crance, Drew Schantz, and Owen Molloy. He should have absolutely zero excuses for losing and having his team eat hot dogs, which are not sandwiches.

I think Karweck knows his roster doesn’t look good on paper, but with his experience behind the bench and even playing in this game, he’ll get every ounce of effort from his team. His team includes John Sexton, Brendan Gleason, Pierre Byrne, John Travisano, Arden Cohen, and Connor Morin.

Since Lax Vegas Lines are dormant until the regular season, I’m getting the betting line here. Blue -3.5 (-120), with the over/under at 24.5.

Our good friends over at 18 Stripes have a preview of their own as well. And follow ND Lacrosse throughout the day:

Sticking with Notre Dame, LaxWeekly interviewed head coach Kevin Corrigan:

When Corrigan first took the job, Notre Dame was seen as a lacrosse outpost, far away from the traditional dominant programs. South Bend, Indiana was the start of westward expansion in lacrosse. Now, more than 1,000 miles away, the University of Denver is the symbol for the West in the lacrosse world and more programs like Utah are following the westward trend. “The expansion of the game has been so gratifying and I feel like I’ve had a great view to see all the changes that have happened.”

Corrigan realizes that his job role has evolved like the game itself. “The job that I took and the job I have now are completely different.” Notre Dame athletics has made the lacrosse team a priority over the years by taking the necessary steps to making the team as competitive as possible in D1 lacrosse. “First, we added a full-time coaching staff, then a travel budget, scholarships, great facilities and most recently adding us to a great conference so we can have a very strong schedule.” While time and money have been poured into the program, Corrigan has put his heart into coaching and creating the right culture for the lacrosse team.

Corrigan’s strategy for building the culture at Notre Dame has been to focus on the fundamentals. “To me, the first step is to make sure everyone knows it’s not about you, it’s about us. Every individual has to accept the responsibility for the work that needs to be put in, but also understand that on a team there’s no individual success, only team success.” Corrigan then stressed the importance of accountability on and off the field. With this as a foundation, Notre Dame lacrosse has created a culture where everyone looks out for each other. After coaching for 30 years at the same program, Corrigan has extended his cultural vision onto many current and former players. “After players graduate, they become part of the experience for the next group of guys. On and off the field this has helped players get jobs and allow the ethos of looking out for each other to continue in the program.”

The WPLL also debuts today at the US Lacrosse headquarters in Maryland.

A friendly reminder that Baltimore Ravens running back Alex Collins used to play lacrosse. He wanted to play it in Arkansas if they had a Division I team (hint hint wink wink, Razorbacks).

Heck, Maryland seems like just the right spot for a former lacrosse star. The Lacrosse All-Stars website claimed Collins is “the best college lacrosse player that will never be …” after watching his tape from South Plantation High School outside of Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

“I could have went to college for it,” Collins said. “I wanted to pursue it, but at Arkansas I couldn’t do the dual sport. I wish I could have. I love lacrosse.”

UNC got their ACC Championship rings:

They also had their awards banquet last night:

This might be the best goalie training video I’ve seen. Smart idea by the Vermont Catamounts and assistant coach Brian Kavanagh:

High Point’s out early for a run!

Inside Lacrosse’s Kyle Devitte followed UMass Minutemen defenseman and Team Israel hopeful Isaac Paparo as he went on a Birthright trip to Israel this summer.

“I traveled all over Israel,” said Paparo. “The first few days we went up north to a city called Tiberias, and then we went down to Ashkelon which is a little beach city just south of Tel Aviv. We went to Tel Aviv and that was amazing, but then we went to Jerusalem and that was just unbelievable. Being in Jerusalem you get a feel for the roots of Jewish religion and the culture — I mean, that’s the whole point of the birthright trip to connect to that religious background even if you may not be so religious; to feel what being Jewish is all about.”

Paparo played in the Israel Premier Lacrosse League — a league that completed its third season — for Herzliya LC. Herzliya. They didn’t win the championship this summer, but Paparo recalls his time with the team fondly.

“The league itself is four weeks and there are eight teams from eight different cities,” said Paparo. “Each week there were two games and two practices and we lived in the city that we played for. We also taught at clinics up to three times a week for youth groups and sports camps. The makeup of the teams varies, so for example I had a kid on my team from Belgium, Denmark, two kids from Latvia and Germany and also guys like me from the States. So it was a really cool experience becoming a tight group in a short amount of time with so many different people.”

Binghamton is for the kids!

The Cats are in the classroom at Johnson City Elementary School on Tuesdays and Fridays this semester! #giveback

A post shared by Binghamton Men's Lacrosse (@bearcatlacrosse) on

They also took their team picture yesterday:

Look at that flow:

It’s freshman time!

The Lafayette Leopards introduced their entire class.

Philly Jawns

New Jersey (not Philadelphia) is sending about 1,100 people to help with relief efforts in Puerto Rico.

World News

Health and Human Services secretary Tom Price has resigned from his post after drawing backlash from chartered flights.

Video of the Day

Jamie Foxx and Jay Pharoah battle for impression supremacy:

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