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Introducing COLLEGE CROSSECAST: The Little Boxes Project

Some special editions of the Crossecast are heading your way. Here’s what to expect

If you’ve been an avid listener of College Crossecast, you know how I always tend to bring out references to my hometown of Levittown, NY and my days as a Division Avenue HS attackman. I also tend to namedrop Levittown lacrosse players from time to time. As host and producer of the podcast, I decided to give it a whirl for some special episodes with some of the lacrosse talent to come out of my town in what I’ll call...

COLLEGE CROSSECAST: The Little Boxes Project

The name of Little Boxes comes from an old folk song that satirizes the growth of suburbia back in the Cold War. Levittown, of course, is where suburbia began. So I guess as a little play on it, I figured to name the podcast specials as such.

Why do this? Well first off

SWEET, SWEET NEPOTISM. What’s better than hearing me talk with my friends? Exactly. And the extra #content along the way will help give you some more stuff to listen over the dead of offseason.

But more importantly I think having these conversations with lacrosse players in my town will help tell some really good stories along the way. Our town’s more known for baseball even though it’s in the middle of a lacrosse hotbed and not everyone knows about the legacy the sport of lacrosse has around here. I hope that these podcasts will help keep you entertained as we tell out some of our stories of high school and college lacrosse.

I’ll have the first episode come out in the coming days, so be on the lookout for these specials throughout the offseason!