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COLLEGE CROSSECAST EP. 56: Utah Head Coach Brian Holman

One week after the announcement that Utah would be heading D-1, Coach Holman joins us on a very special edition of the Crossecast!

Arizona V Utah Photo by Gene Sweeney Jr/Getty Images

Last week, the University of Utah took a huge step in the growth of the sport by announcing their men’s lacrosse team would move up to the varsity D-1 level in 2019. At the forefront of the program is head coach Brian Holman, who’s lacrosse pedigree includes national titles as a player at Johns Hopkins and as an assistant at North Carolina.

Coach Holman was gracious enough to spend some time with Chris, Safe, and I on this very special edition of College Crossecast. Our conversation starts at 3:50, where we dive into topics like:

  • The idea of starting a D-1 program at Utah
  • The decision to leave Chapel Hill to start something new in Salt Lake City
  • The excitement around building a program from the ground up
  • Whether or not there’s any pressure in being at the forefront of a potential Pac 12 expansion
  • The differences of tackling coaching a club program vs. a NCAA program
  • The benefits and distinct characteristics of having a lacrosse program in Utah
  • The balance of being a coach and a dad of three lacrosse players, who all made their marks at UNC’s men’s and women’s programs

And a lot of other cool tidbits from Coach Holman about his life and career.

After our talk, the College Crosse crew tackles two other big coaching stories. We react to St. Bonaventure hiring Canisius head coach Randy Mearns to become their first man at the helm when they start playing in 2018 (1:12:22). Then we dive into our reports as per sources that Michigan is heading in the direction of hiring Maryland defensive coordinator Kevin Conry (1:21:55). Chris also explains the process of why we ran the story as we await for confirmation from the University of Michigan themselves.

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