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Wedding Crashers: Lacrosse Coach Must Decide Between State Title Game & His Own Wedding.

Love or lacrosse .... what would you do?

Couples Get Married At Gretna Green On Valentines Day Photo by Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images

As mentioned in today’s Prospectus, the top story in the world of lacrosse for June 10th comes from the great state of New York. Head coach of the Westlake Wildcats, Hunter Burnard, had quite a dilemma on his hands after his team made an unexpected run to the NYSPHSAA Class D state championship game: the title game was the same day as his wedding. Oh Boy!

This story is starting to get some traction. The Journal News and wrote about it, as did USA Today High School Sports, and CBS New York. We’re probably only a couple hours away from the Daily Mail getting in on the action. #FingersCrossed

So how did this all happen? Well as wrote in their article, it appears that chance played a big role in this whole situation.

Even though Burnard was predicting an upset win over Bronxville in the Section 1 championship months ahead of time, he wasn’t thinking about the state tournament back in October when the couple picked a date and put down a deposit for a memorable weekend alongside family and friends at Trail’s End Camp.

“I didn’t realize there could be a conflict until we got closer to the season, maybe January or February,” Burnard said. “Ali’s twin sister, Jessi, is getting married in September and we didn’t want to overwhelm the family, plus the camp didn’t have a lot of dates open.”

Indeed, that’s quite a conflict. The wedding site is nearly 5 hours away from the title game, and to make matters even more difficult, the game starts about a half hour before the ceremony is set to begin.

The first line in the is probably my favorite part of the whole article: “Each of the unprecedented wins that propelled Westlake into a lacrosse state title game left Wildcats coach Hunter Burnard feeling more and more conflicted.” I can just imagine how gut-wrenching each win must have been for BOSS Burnard. Obviously he wants his boys to go all the way, but I couldn’t imagine what the tension at home must have been like after each victory.

(Ed. Note: My second favorite part is the fact that the semifinal game that got Westlake into the championship was a #WhitneyInOT special.)

As of right now, coach is choosing love over lacrosse. Happy wife equals happy life, amirite? But According to this video interview from WLNY CBS 2, coach is also trying to get the game moved to the 10:00 a.m. start.

If Westlake can get the earlier time slot, coach’s plan is to hop in his ride immediately after the game and fly down to the Poconos for the ceremony. (Ed. Note: I gotta ask Ryan what’s the best route for coach to use.) So pretty much coach would be reenacting the tux-tossing, driving scene from The Hangover.

If all goes according to plan, he should arrive about an hour before the wedding is scheduled to begin. As much as I love #WhitneyInOT, I hope the game doesn’t go into OT! Anyway, we’re rooting for you coach!

(Ed. Note: Shout out to BOSS Burnard’s fiance. She was a BALLER herself and a high school All-American.)