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A College Crossecast Christmas of Sliding into Jake and Ryan's DM's

Come for the highly inside jokes, stay for the reading of the menu of the Foxborough TOBY KEITH’S I LOVE THIS BAR & GRILL

ACM After Party For A Cause: I Love This Bar & Grill Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images for ACM

Jake and I have a really good DM thread going that dates back to when we started following one another on Twitter. It’s filled with a lot of hilarity and inside jokes and conversations on sports that we’re so proud of. So for our Christmas special this year, we’re forcing you to listen to us laugh at our own jokes.

Welcome to the most self-gratifying College Crossecast episode yet. We talk about a wide array of topics in this episode. If anything, you’ll want to stick around for the final segment, because we think it might be the best 10 minutes in this show’s history. Oh, and we hope Chris doesn’t kill us for this podcast, either. Here’s a rundown:

  • 5:05- The Hill Academy
  • 15:00- The magic of capitalism in Abu Dhabi
  • 24:04- COOL DAD Jimmie Johnson
  • 29:12- The NHL Centennial Classics
  • 37:10- #NBATwitter
  • 41:20- How Sunday Night Baseball is just YANKS-SAWX
  • 46:00- ArsenalFanTV is the greatest gift to YouTube, and also lol MLS
  • 1:03:26- Jim Nantz’s relationship with Phil Simms and Sean McDonough’s with Jon Gruden
  • 1:11:00- Fake blog tweets exposing us
  • 1:14:15- How terrible Chris is at ranking cheesesteaks
  • 1:17:30- How terrible Chris’ decision to go to the MLL Draft at a TOBY KEITH’S I LOVE THIS BAR & GRILL rather than the NCAA Women’s Lacrosse Championship
  • 1:25:00- We go through the menu at said TOBY KEITH’S I LOVE THIS BAR & GRILL

That get you interested in listening to this? Of course it did. Listen to it on Podomatic, in the player below, or subscribe on iTunes or Google Play. Have a wonderful Christmas, or we hope you enjoyed your Hanukkah or Winter Solstice, and enjoy the holidays!