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The College Crosse Summation For February 22, 2016.

We had our first proper weekend of games and it was a doozy!

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*Ed. Note: We're still tinkering with the weekend format and hopefully adding another writer soon, but for now here's a general recap of what happened over the weekend and topics I hope to discuss with Ryan on the Crossecast tomorrow evening (we're doing our favorite songs to run to for tomorrow's playlist so send us your picks and we'll add 1 or 2).*


Shout out to Inside LacrosseLacrosse Magazine, & the BOSSES for their Week 2 Polls. You can find Doc's poll here. Here is mine:

I have horrible handwriting!  Aggregation coming tomorrow.

Conference Bragging Rights.

  • THUNDERDOME back! UMass and Hofstra merit all the praise they've gotten for their big wins over OSU & UNC, respectively. The CAA also saw Towson hold its own against Mount St. Mary's. Nice weekend for the conference, as many voters have at least 2 out of those 3 in their top 20 polls.

  • NEC. Lowkey, the NEC had a great weekend. While Wagner lost on Friday, the conference saw five teams win on Saturday. HobartBryant, and St. Joe's all had nice victories. Moreover, the conference has a chance for a couple more wins tomorrow when Mount St. Mary's takes on Richmond and Wagner goes up against Monmouth.  

  • Ivy League. Besides the CAA and the NEC, the Ivy was another conference that had a great Saturday. Penn held off Michigan, while both Yale and Brown took care of business against UMass Lowell and Quinnipiac, respectively. Princeton took it to NJIT as well.

  • Big Ten. A pretty good weekend for the Big Ten. Maryland survived against High Point, while Rutgers had a B1G win over Army. Rutgers over Army gives the Big Ten 3 wins against the Patriot League this year if you are keeping track at home.

    Moreover,  Penn State won a really great game up in Cornell.  The Big Ten is probably the second best conference top to bottom right now. *Dodges fruit from the multiple crowds.*

  • ACC. UNC certainly caught an L on Saturday. However, I believe the loss says more about how undervalued Hofstra was in the preseason than it does about whether or not UNC is a bad team. Hofstra had multiple players named to the 2016 Preseason All-CAA team, including the Preseason CAA Player of the Year, Sam Linares. This looks like a good Hostra squad that was probably under everyone's radar. The L is disconcerting if you are a Heels fan but I am not ready to jump off the ship just yet.

    Nevertheless, let's not let the issue of where to rank UNC draw too much attention away from the really important thing we learned this weekend which was that my Michigan beating UNC pick was more of a timing issue than it was my picking capabilities. *Multiple apples fly by Eri's ear.*  

    Denver beat Duke and the Irish took care of business against the Hoyas.  UVA is back on track after defeating Drexel. Syracuse blasted Albany yesterday.

  • Great weekend for Philly Teams (®).  5 out of 7 on the Philly Board on Saturday!
Back then.
Here is what my top 20 looked on February 16th.  Bolded teams won this past weekend, italicized teams lost.

Eri_Barrister's Top 20 For February 16, 2016.
Rank Team
1 Denver
2 Notre Dame
3 Maryland
4 Duke
5 Syracuse
6 North Carolina
7 Loyola
8 Johns Hopkins
9 Yale
10 Ohio State
11 Brown
12 Georgetown
13 Towson
14 Albany
15 Navy
16 Virginia
17 Cornell
18 Penn State
19 Stony Brook
20 Bucknell
My ARV : Princeton, Marquette, Villanova, Richmond, Harvard and Michigan.

Outside of 5 losses coming against teams in my top 20, my poll did pretty well over the weekend. OSU and UNC catching bad ones was tough, but shout out to Richmond and Penn State for me making look good this week.

Stuff for tomorrow with Ryan.
  • Polls. LOTS of #HotTakes being bandied about and we gotta review.

  • The America East. Is the AE the 3rd best conference right now? Lord knows all I do is shout about Vermont (they unloaded on Holy Cross on Saturday). But Hartford decided to shake up D1 when they dropped Boston U. this weekend and suddenly this conference has 4 really solid teams. Stony Brook v. Brown IN LONG ISLAND, might be the game of the day on Saturday.

  • Loyola. I figured enough was written about the People's Champ that I didn't need to witter on here, but we definitely need to touch on the hottest team in D1 tomorrow.

  • Oscars and Broad City. Emily Blunt was robbed and deserved a nomination for Sicario. I gave up my soul for this #LaxGame but I did catch up on Broad City! Great to have Ilana and Abbi back! #BroadCityIsTheSecondBestComedyRightNowBesidesVeepDontAtMe
That's it for the Summation. Looking forward to all the great #Banter on tomorrow's pod. The Aggregation should be up in the morning after our Prospectus.