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The College Crossecast Ep. 3: It's the Patriot League's World and We're Just Living in It

Breaking down a very big weekend for the Patriot League, some Big Ten love from Eri, a look ahead to a huge slate of non-conference action, and Wagner talk. Especially the Wagner talk.

Win Butler: the latest beneficiary of being name dropped on College Crossecast.
Win Butler: the latest beneficiary of being name dropped on College Crossecast.
Peter Llewellyn-USA TODAY Sports

Here at College Crosse we take pride in the things we get right on our podcast.

  • Did Ryan go 2 for 2 on upset picks? Yes.
  • Did Eri get his upset pick correct as well? Yes.
  • Did Win Butler win the MVP at the NBA Celebrity All-Star Game after talking about his deceptive skill? OH YES.

And in general, we take pride in College Crossecast as a whole. That's why we're here for another edition of your newfound favorite college lacrosse podcast.

This week we cover an early season slate that saw the Patriot League elevate itself, headlined by Loyola's victory over Virginia. We also give props to some Big Ten standouts, underdogs giving the big guns a run for their money, and of course, Wagner starting the season 1-0. We also take a peek at a huge weekend of lacrosse up ahead, with Duke-Denver and the Battle on Charles Street taking center stage. We even throw in a quick Daytona 500 preview because we know how large the NASCAR-Lacrosse fan crossover is.

You can check out the podcast here or listen to it down below. Please let us know if you get some bandwidth issue because we're teetering on the edge of going over the limit on PodOmatic. And don't forget you get instant access to the podcast as soon as we're done recording it by subscribing on iTunes!

We've also updated the Spotify playlist with a belated Valentine's Day mix of love songs, including two from our listeners and commenters! A certain earworm theme song to a certain show we talked too much about last week also makes an appearance. (Ed. Note: Be advised, some songs include explicit lyrics.)

And if you were wondering where our theme song comes from, look no further than this video and this Harry Kane highlight video.