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The College Crosse Aggregation Of Week 1 Polls For February 16, 2016.

These polls ain't loyal!

Hanging chads are not recognized! Make your mark clearly!
Hanging chads are not recognized! Make your mark clearly!
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Let's go straight to the Big Board!

College Crosse Aggregation: Week 1 Polls
Team USILA/BOSSES Poll Lacrosse Magazine/Nike Poll @Doc_Lunbox Poll IL/Cascade Media Poll
1 Notre Dame Notre Dame Denver Notre Dame
2 Denver Denver Maryland Denver
3 Duke Duke Syracuse Duke
4 Maryland Maryland Notre Dame Maryland
5 North Carolina Syracuse Johns Hopkins Syracuse
6 Syracuse Johns Hopkins Duke Johns Hopkins
7 Johns Hopkins North Carolina Yale North Carolina
8 Loyola Yale North Carolina Loyola
9 Yale Brown Brown Yale
10 Brown Georgetown Albany Brown
11 Ohio State Loyola Loyola Ohio State
12 Albany Ohio St. Georgetown Albany
13 Georgetown Virginia Towson Virginia
14 Virginia Cornell Navy Georgetown
15 Towson Towson Penn State Cornell
16 Navy Navy Marquette Navy
17 Harvard Albany Ohio State Towson
18 Cornell Marquette Princeton Harvard
19 Stony Brook Stony Brook Virginia Penn State
20 Penn State Harvard Stony Brook Villanova (PHILLY, #WeMadeIt!)


  • #1. Notre Dame is ranked #1 on 3 of the above polls. Our man, @Doc_Lunchbox, thinks the Pios are the best team in the country. Move over, Doc, I'm getting on the bandwagon! You know I love you, ND, but you didn't play yet, also, College Crosse Rule #2 states that the champ sits at the head of the table until someone knocks them off.  (Ed. Note: We should really be writing these rules down somewhere.)

  • Table for four. The Quartet (Duke, ND, Denver, and MD) take up most of the top 4 spaces on the Big Board. Doc has 'Cuse as #4 and Duke at #6. Which is the only deviation from the norm. I have 'Cuse at #5 and Duke at #4 on mine.

  • Top 10/Dimes. Sitting in the top 10 across the Big Board is a pretty good place to be. Aside from the Quartet, the only other College Crosse Big Board Certified Dimes (™) are Syracuse, Hopkins, North Carolina, Yale, and Brown. Loyola, is close, as the Hounds make the cut on 2 of the above polls (USILA & IL/Cascade). While Albany (Doc) & Georgetown (LM/Nike) each make one appearance at the cool table.

    I think Loyola is a Dime. If you remember the Preseason Aggregation Post, UVA was between 7th and 9th on all three major polls. (Ed Note: Doc put the Cavs at #11 in his first poll.) But even if you think UVA's preseason ranking was a result of ACC Bias (™) that was a big win for the Hounds, as it is rare for a non-ACC team to go into Charlottesville and beat the Cavs. Moreover, Loyola played, and in my rankings I tend to lean towards the teams that have started their season over those that haven't demonstrated anything yet.  

  • Top 20/The Guest List. Just making an appearance on the Big Board is tough and should be commended! You may not be a Dime, but the bouncer definitely knows you're name is on the guest list. Georgetown, Ohio State, Albany, Towson, Virginia, and Navy all appear on everyone's top 20.

    Cornell, and Harvard are everywhere but Doc's top 20 poll. Moreover, Penn State and Stony Brook are top 20 worthy but for the LM/Nike and IL/Cascade poll, respectively.  

    Our good friends at Anonymous Eagle will be happy to see Marquette on LM/Nike & Doc's top 20. Villanova makes an appearance on the IL/Cascade Poll, while Princeton fans all over the Nation will be stoked to see the Tigers at #18 on Doc's Poll. (Ed. Note: Stand UP, NJ & PHILLY!)
  • We are going to stick with Doc's great poll breakdowns on Monday but we'll make Tuesday our aggregation day. I vote in the media poll for the first time next week, so look for me on the Big Board on the 23rd! Being a College Crosse Big Board Certified Dime just got harder! Until then, here is my top 20.
    (Ed. Note: Laugh/mock accordingly!)
    Eri_Barrister's Top 20.
    Rank Team
    1 Denver
    2 Notre Dame
    3 Maryland
    4 Duke
    5 Syracuse
    6 North Carolina
    7 Loyola
    8 Johns Hopkins
    9 Yale
    10 Ohio State
    11 Brown
    12 Georgetown
    13 Towson
    14 Albany
    15 Navy
    16 Virginia
    17 Cornell
    18 Penn State
    19 Stony Brook
    20 Bucknell
  • My ARV : Princeton, Marquette, Villanova, Richmond, Harvard and Michigan.
  • Let us know your thoughts!