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College lacrosse has gone bonkers and you need THE FACEOFF more than ever.

Rafael Suanes-USA TODAY Sports

Did you know we're just four weeks away from lacrosse's Selection Sunday? With that realization, you're now thinking about bracketology scenarios and trying to avoid having your head explode because of all the chaos swirling outside of the top five. But take heart in the anarchy, because these next couple of weeks are going to be one hell of a fun ride. With lots of conferences going pants-on-fire (looking at you, Patriot League), there's a buttload of unpredictability on the college lacrosse landscape.

THE FACEOFF is here to get you prepared for this weekend's games -- relive what occurred in the past week, take a gander at the new poll that will almost certainly have about 12 changes next week, and see some upcoming games of infinite magnitude that will shape conference races or boost RPIs in the next seven days.

Don't get called for a violation, check THE FACEOFF out now:

THE FACEOFF Week 10 2015