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2015 CAA Lacrosse Tournament: THE FACEOFF



The THUNDERDOME! Tournament is always one of our favorite conference tournaments. Chaos ensues in this conference, plus there's a ton of parity between league members. Every team in the 2015 iteration of the event has won at least one THUNDERDOME! Tournament, with the only exception being Fairfield (the Stags are in their first go-round in the league). Oh yeah, Fairfield just so happens to be the top seed and host of this tournament. Makes sense.

There's plenty at stake in Connecticut this weekend as this year THUNDERDOME! won't have any at-large contenders for Selection Sunday. That means that these four teams need to win the event in order to garner an invite to The Big Barbeque. Fairfield hopes to defend its home turf, but riding right behind the Stags are the only team to knock them off in conference play – Towson. Although the Tigers have slipped in recent weeks, Towson has been ranked in the top 20 for a majority of the season. Throw in defending conference champ Drexel and a Massachusetts team looking to flip the script on a disappointing regular season and the tournament should, once again, feature a crazy slate of games. It's THUNDERDOME! for a reason.