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2015 MAAC Lacrosse Tournament: THE FACEOFF

Poughkeepsie is a fun word to say.

Mark L. Baer-USA TODAY Sports

This year's MAAC Tournament has a different flavor to it. Siena and Canisius, the two schools with the most conference titles in the league, are at home for the weekend. Second-year program Monmouth has crashed the party, throwing itself in the tournament mix after a 0-13 campaign in 2014. Detroit has become a mainstay in the MAAC Tournament, but this time the Titans will have some work to do. Qunnipiac was able to put together a nice season to finish second in the league. And the top seed goes to Marist, a team looking for a chance to terrorize one of the top two seeds in The Big Barbeque should they get past the play-in game.

Although the grim reality for the MAAC is that its champ is destined for the pre-first round, the conference has a solid group of teams in this year's tournament. As we've seen all season long, anything can happen on any given Saturday (or Sunday or mid-weeknight or any other day that's an actual day of the week), so you could witness a demolished bracket this weekend in Poughkeepsie. Marist is the overwhelming favorite, but with upset-minded teams sitting behind them, a slip-up from the Red Foxes could throw things into a tizzy.