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2015 Big East Lacrosse Tournament: THE FACEOFF

The Big East Tournament is where bubbles may burst. We've got the lowdown in a special edition of THE FACEOFF.

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

For the fourth year in a row, Villanova will host the Big East Tournament. While Villanova back-doored their way into the event, the eyes of the lacrosse world will zero in on the other three teams in the tournament to see how they'll impact Selection Sunday.

Denver is easily in the NCAA Tournament field. At this point, the Pioneers are playing to determine which seed they receive and what unlucky teams will head west to face Denver in both the first and quarterfinal rounds. And that's the thing – Denver is set; if the Pioneers lose this weekend, they're going to take an at-large bid. That means that somebody currently on the bubble is going to throw a hissy fit if they're left out of a May adventure. On that bubble, coincidentally, are two other participants in the Big East Tournament -- Georgetown and Marquette. Many projections currently have the Hoyas as the last team in. Would a win against Marquette be enough to move the needle if they lose to the Pioneers in the championship? Or could the Hoyas run the table and make Selection Sunday a lot easier on themselves? Then there's Marquette -- after a magical start to the season, their year has sputtered in the last month or so. The Eagles can get themselves back in the bubble talk with a win over Georgetown, but in all likelihood the Eagles probably need another weekend of wonder to get themselves into the most important field of them all.

Anyway you slice it, you can cut the tension with a knife in the Big East.

THE FACEOFF 2015 Big East