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We're into April and awesome games are on the horizon.


This week brings about some celebrating. Sunday's Easter, which means brunch, Easter egg hunts, and fun times with your family after you sit around at church all morning. If you're Jewish, you've got Passover heading your way this Friday and a great meal to go with it. And if you've got "lacrosse" as your unofficial second religion, there's plenty of celebrating to do as well.

After another amazing weekend of lacrosse, there's plenty of excitement to go around both in league play and in non-conference matchups. National title game rematch? Check. Battle of the New York Thruway? Check, and you just missed another goal in that thing. The first B1G showdown between ranked teams? Check. The brand-new Battle of the Edges of the New York City Metropolitan Area Because East of Stony Brook is Nothing Like the New York City Metropolitan Area and South of Princeton is PhiladelphiaTM? Check.

THE FACEOFF not only looks back at a great week of lacrosse, but also ahead to a freaky-deaky week. It's all here for you to take in.

The Faceoff 2015 Week 9