Ask the fans what's wrong with Championship Weekend

I've read at least five articles (Inside Lacrosse, etc.) outlining what everyone thinks is the culprit for declining attendance at NCAA Championship weekend every year, and I have an idea. How about you ask the fans? My family lives in Southern California and we fly our family of 5, along with 4 other families - all total about 20 people (depending on the year) out for the experience. It's easily a $5,000 weekend for our family. But we are die-hard lacrosse fans, and we love it. We love fan fest, we love the semi's, the women's games, the autograph session . . . what we don't love? Having to piece together the events for the weekend through bits and piece of information spread around the internet. It's 5 weeks out right now, and there is nothing posted online for the Philly games except games. Is there a meet and greet like in Baltimore Harbor? Is there a youth tourney or youth clinics like in Philly 2013? It's like a second job trolling the internet for bits and pieces. And every year, those of us visiting from far off places without cars have to spend hours figuring out how to get to the women's games. Has no one thought of a shuttle? Someone could make a mint. No wonder no one wants to come - it is too much to work to figure out what's being offered. How about this - instead of spending the money and time on taking polls and pondering what could be the reason for the decline, hire a marketing professional and get us excited for the most exciting weekend of lacrosse ever. If you build it . . . and plan it . . .and tell us about it . . . we will come!

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