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You're probably a little too busy working on your brackets to know what lies ahead in college lacrosse this weekend. That's why THE FACEOFF exists.

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

If you're at your friend's house this weekend watching all the basketball games, you'll probably come to a point where CBS and all three Turner networks are in the middle of a 10-minute commercial break. Your friends will be sick and tired of finding out what new car the Garcias are driving or that Northwestern Mutual can help you meet your financial goals with a bunch of college coaching cliches. What do you do when things drag a bit? The NHL or NBA? Wait a month for the playoffs in those sports. Spring Training? Please.

My friends, you have the opportunity to introduce your friends to the amazing world of lacrosse! Sure, it's like any other Saturday in spring, but this weekend has some blockbuster matchups that you can get them hooked on. Duke-Syracuse? It's not Coach K versus Boeheim (not to mention it would be illegal with Syracuse's self-imposed postseason ban), it's Dino versus Desko! Maryland looking to get revenge on former ACC mate North Carolina? You won't find that on the hardwood, but rather on the lacrosse field!

Let's do this and give your bracket a break (Kentucky's totally winning it anyway) and take a look at the week seven edition of THE FACEOFF!

2015 THE FACEOFF Week 7