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A weekend filled with rivalry games? We'll take that -- and another version of THE FACEOFF, of course!


It's almost St. Patrick's Day weekend, which can mean a variety of things:

  • The weather is going to start getting warmer, so we can stop talking about how stupid it is to start lacrosse season in February's lament. 
  • There are going to be a lot of parades this weekend that your friends want you to show up for. That's amateur hour, though, so you stay at home and house a corned beef dinner instead.
  • There are lots of great lacrosse games.

And hey, that last point is totally true for this weekend. It's traditionally a rivalry-packed weekend with the start of Ivy League conference play and the annual gathering of Johns Hopkins and Syracuse, but this year looks to be even more nuts. There are so many top 20 matchups this week, with the majority of them being key conference play battles coming early on the schedule, that you'll probably have trouble sleeping Saturday night after all the excitement of the day (or you went to that stupid parade, didn't you?).

What better way to get your week set than with THE FACEOFF? We give you a glimpse at what awaits you this upcoming week, allow you to see who beat who last week, and set up this week's media poll so you can finally figure out what's going on between 10th and 20th.

Enjoy this week's edition of THE FACEOFF:

The Faceoff Week 6