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What's better than a cup of hot chocolate? A hot new edition of THE FACEOFF!


Look, we can stop having THE FACEOFF and make some jokes or comments about it being ridiculously cold out and how mind boggling it is to play games in this weather. But alas, the season keeps chugging along and the thermometer continues to hover below 32 degrees, so here we are.

The good news? Even though it's still freakin' freezing, this season's already giving us some real excitement and unpredictability. And while you can look back on the great stuff of the past week, you can also look ahead at what's at hand the next seven days like a kid at the window of a candy shop. (Which is pretty much what we do each week with our nifty infographic.)

So, here's a look at what's what in the world of college lacrosse for the coming week. We've got a new square in the top 20 as Marquette makes its first ever appearance in the polls, some more upsets dotting the landscape the past few days, and some recommended games to check out on your television, streaming device, or in person in the stands (if you're willing to have body parts frozen off).

Let's get to it with Week 3 of THE FACEOFF!

The Faceoff 2015 Week 3 2nd Version