I'm writing from the other side, and it's you I'm looking for. I'm unclear, on what happened here, but I'd like a chance to say. I hope someone finds someone like you, because lacrosse is a thing people enjoy too. If you don't hear me, I don't care, because nothing can replace my love for lacrosse, even you.

I've got to invent some additional words to make this an official fan post so that i can be posted, so I'd just like to ask what happened to this wonderful website about a sport we all mutually love, and maybe just maybe we can get back around to seeing people getting hit in the face with sticks and awesome shots, and maybe they'll let Albany get the Thompson family back so they don't suck so much again. Also, I'd like to congratulate North Carolina on making the NCAA tournament early, but also offer them sympathy for getting bounced from the tournament before the final four. Maybe next year.

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