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THE FACEOFF: 2014 NCAA Lacrosse Tournament First Round

Get your weekend started with a special edition of THE FACEOFF.

Rob Carr

It's almost the greatest weekend of lacrosse of the year, you guys! Two straight days of wall-to-wall, nationally-televised lacrosse awaits you. The first round of the NCAA Tournament is a blast to begin with, but this year it's turned up a couple of notches with some intriguing and big-time matchups. With some very good teams in unseeded slots, the potential for upsets dots the bracket.

THE FACEOFF sets your plate for the weekend. We've thrown in some stats and take a look at the previous and next rounds on the docket. The road to Baltimore starts for 14 teams this weekend (Air Force and Bryant got a head start), but only eight will continue their trip with a stop in Newark, Delaware or Hempstead, New York. Here's your first round NCAA edition of THE FACEOFF:


(Click the picture to enlarge. Click this to see the latest bracket.)