That Idiot's At It Again: The 2014 All-Americans

Wanted to do this before the tournament begins this year, so outstanding season-long performances by guys whose teams don't make the Big Barbecue or are eliminated at the raw oysters and beer stage aren't forgotten.

As with last year, these selections are based on a combination of traditional stats, laxpower PIR, and the dreaded eye test. Here goes. Feel free to comment.

First Team

Attack: Lyle Thompson, Jr., Albany; Miles Thompson, Sr., Albany; Jordan Wolf, Sr., Duke

Offensive Midfield: Deemer Class, Soph., Duke; Ben McIntosh, Sr., Drexel; Tom Schreiber, Sr., Princeton

LSM: John LoCascio, Sr., Villanova

SSDM: Will Haus, Jr., Duke; Pat Laconi, Sr., Loyola

FO: Kevin Massa, Jr., Bryant

Defense: Joe Fletcher, Sr., Loyola; Goran Murray, Jr., Maryland; Tripp Telesco, Soph., Lehigh

Goal: Gunnar Waldt, Soph., Bryant

Second Team

Attack: Wesley Berg, Jr., Denver; Mark Cockerton, Sr., Virginia; Niko Pontrello, Jr., Loyola

Offensive Midfield: Connor Buczek, Jr., Cornell; Mike Chanenchuk, Sr., Maryland; Zack Losco, Sr.., Penn

LSM: Michael Ehrhardt, Sr., Maryland

SSDM: Ryan Creighton, Sr., North Carolina; Jack Near, Sr., Notre Dame

FO: Joe Nardella, Soph., Rutgers

Defense: Scott McWilliams, Sr., Virginia; Brandon Mullins, Soph., Syracuse; Stephen O'Hara, Sr., Notre Dame

Goal: Jack Runkel, Sr., Loyola

Player of the Year: Lyle Thompson

Specialist of the Year: Pat Laconi

Newcomer of the Year: Randy Staats, A/M, Jr., Syracuse

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