A look at where the Thompsons stand in terms of the record books

By now everyone who cares probably has heard that Lyle Thompson has broken Steve Marohl's single season points record of 114. People are also talking about Miles Thompson's 79 goals being within 3 of Jon Reese's single season record of 82.

However, I haven't heard anyone mention that Lyle is only 3 assists from tying Marohl's single season assists record of 77.

Both seasons aren't just historic in terms of the total numbers of goals, assists and points, they're also up there in terms of points, goals and assists per game.

Right now, Lyle has 7.18 points per game, which would be the 6th highest for a season in history. He needs 7 points against Notre Dame to stay ahead of Tim Goldstein's 1987 pace of 7.14 points per game.

Miles' 4.65 goals per game would be good for 6th all time in a single season as well. He needs 5 goals against Notre Dame to stay ahead of Stan Cockerton's 4.64 goals per game, 4 would keep him ahead of Jon Reese's 7th best pace and 3 goals would tie him with Reese for 7th all time.

Lyle's 4.353 assists per game puts him on pace to finish just behind Scott Montgomery's 1986 pace of 4.357 assists per game. 5 assists would bump him ahead of Montgomery for the 7th best per game average ever and 2 would keep him ahead of Tim Nelson for 8th.

Looking at career totals, Miles currently has 188 goals and 289 total points, good for 10th and 6th best ever respectively. Having played 60 games, that wedges him after Tom Marechek and ahead of Zack Greer for the 14th best goals per game average ever. 4 goals against Notre Dame would bump him up to 12th.

Lyle's career totals are a bit more interesting to speculate about since he still has all of next season to play. Right now he has 273 points which puts him in a tie with Randy Colley for 17th all time. Rob Pannell set the record last year with 354 points leaving Lyle "just" 81 points behind Pannell. At his current season's pace, he would need to play only 12 more games to break the record.

It's difficult to know what Albany's offense might look like next year without Miles and Ty or how defenses will play Lyle without them, but 7 points against Notre Dame and another 120 next year would put him at 400.

His 120 goals leaves him within striking distance of the top 10 as 50 more would give him 170 and tie him with Matt Danowski for 15th all time while 55 more would be 175 and a tie for 10th.

His 153 assists already tie him for 15th all time. He is still 68 away from tying Tim Nelson for the most ever, though only 52 behind Darren Lowe for 2nd place.

273 points in just 50 games gives him a career average of 5.46 points per game which would be good for 12th all time just behind Eamon McEneaney and John Grant.

Where he ends up all time will depend greatly on how many points he scores next year, but just to give you some idea, if he were to score 110 points next year in 17 games, that would give him 383 career points in 67 games and 5.72 points per game which would put him 7th all time. Another insane year next year could allow him to pass Dennis Fink's 5.89 points per game for 5th, but I can't imagine him passing Jim Trenz's 6.21 points per game for 4th.

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